Volunteers are essential in increasing our impact on the larger community. More hands get us out of our bubble, helping us to reach further and to different crowds than we could on our own. After all, Citizens is about all of us, working together, to preserve and improve the beautiful place we call home.

Please review the list of volunteer opportunities below, and if any of them speak to you, call us at (406) 756-8993, or email citizens@flatheadcitizens.org. If you have a different project in mind, we’d love to hear that too!

Go Local Flathead Valley

Go Local Flathead Valley Magazine is our complimentary guide that provides an insider’s perspective on the locally owned businesses who define the special character and spirit of the Flathead. This publication is our core initiative in celebrating and advocating for the economic benefits of these small businesses in our community. Go Local Flathead Valley is published twice a year: a spring/summer issue and a fall/winter issue. It’s a key source of earned income that supports our work.

Volunteers are essential in making this project possible and allowing us to keep ad prices low so that local businesses of all sizes can participate in the magazine. Volunteers are needed to assist with:

  • Magazine Ad Sales
  • Writing Editorial Content (local business profiles and/or local interest stories)
  • Photography
  • Magazine Distribution

For a more complete description of each of these tasks, please click here.

If you’re interested in any of the above volunteer positions, please contact Linda at golocal@golocalflathead.org or 406-756-8993.

Keep checking back, as we’ll update this list as new opportunities arise!