Kalispell Downtown Plan


The City of Kalispell has requested to amend the Kalispell Growth Policy: Plan-It 2035 by including “The Downtown Plan” as a neighborhood plan within the growth policy.

The Downtown Plan sets the framework for the design and redevelopment of Kalispell’s historic downtown and courthouse corridor.

Citizens supports The Downtown Plan to foster the revitalization of the city’s historic core. We believe in rerouting Highway 93 to create a new human-scale streetscape and reduce traffic flow for a pedestrian and bike-friendly area that encourages the growth and sustainability of businesses within the corridor. We believe in keeping the historic character of downtown while preserving it for future generations through smart, high-quality design standards. And we believe in a strong public art program that reflects the creativity and excitement of the city’s heart.

At the August 8th, 2017 Kalispell Planning Board meeting, the board tabled the discussion for a later date TBA. We encourage you to read the Downtown Plan and the other documents under the Links column, then email your own comments to the planning board at planning@kalispell.com.