Grassroots Neighborhood Groups

Citizens works to equip you and decision-makers with the policy research and practical tools you need to advance long-term solutions to our valley’s significant challenges. We have a long and successful history of encouraging essential grassroots neighborhood leadership in our region. We’ve found we can be most effective by providing experienced guidance and context for these groups while allowing them to be the faces at the forefront of the issue affecting their neighborhood. We can also assist these groups in fundraising by acting as their Fiscal Sponsor, which allows their donations to be tax-deductible by using our non-profit status.

Neighborhood groups we are currently supporting include:

Watershed Protection Advocates of Northwest Montana (WPA) is an environmental advocacy organization originally formed in 2016 to protect one of the most ecologically intact watersheds in the lower continental United States, including the transboundary Flathead and Kootenai systems, and the neighboring watersheds east of the Continental Divide.

West Glacier Community Preservation Association is a neighborhood group working to better organize in response to growing development pressures in the Glacier National Park western entrance corridor.