Who We Are & What We Do

Since 1992, Citizens for a Better Flathead (CBF) has been a leader at the forefront of addressing the challenges that rapid growth is bringing to our region. We work to protect the valley’s clean water, natural beauty, and friendly communities through sound planning and policy solutions. We believe in the power of collaboration and consensus building, and work to inform and engage broad-based public participation in planning for the future of the Flathead.

In addition to our planning and policy work, we run two programs centered around promoting sustainability as the Flathead’s population continues to grow: The WasteNot Project, to increase recycling and reduce the volume and toxicity of local waste; and Go Local Flathead, to promote shopping at local businesses to keep our local economy strong and growing, and maintain the diversity and distinctive character that makes the Flathead such a special place.

Mission Statement

To foster citizen participation and champion sustainable solutions needed to keep the Flathead ecologically and economically healthy.

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2017 Annual Report

Our Principles:

Stewardship – It is our responsibility together to care for the land, air, water, and character of the Flathead Valley for ourselves and for future generations.
• Open Government – Fair and ethical decision making requires respect for process, transparency, inclusiveness, and well-informed participants.
• Community – We must find ways to balance and bridge our differences in order to maintain the unique quality of life in the Flathead Valley.
• Citizenship – It is our right and our responsibility to become informed and to participate in the decisions that affect our lives and our community.

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